Climate protection through energy saving in North Evia

An educational programme for students of all ages: Climate protection via Energy saving Northern Evia CEN-Evia], in cooperation with Respekt für Griechenland e.V. and BNE-Zentrum.

In December 2021, we visited the Lake Elementary School and the Mandoudi Vocational Highschool in Northern Evia. Together with students from all 3 directions – engineering, IT & economics/administration – we started a year dedicated to energy saving and environmental protection. From Lake Primary School, three classes of the 5th and 6th grades participated, while 50 students from Mandoudi Primary School participated in 17 energy tours with the support of their teachers. Both schools borrowed CER’s energy saving suitcase and the students played the role of their school’s energy inspector!

At Lake Primary School in particular, workshops on energy saving were implemented using the energy saving suitcase metering equipment from CER (8 December 2021). The measuring equipment includes instruments for measuring temperature, relative humidity, lighting, CO2 concentration and electricity consumption meters. The aim was for students to take on the role of energy inspectors and record the conditions of their school. During these workshops a first energy inspection of the school premises was carried out and the main problems identified by users, students and teachers were discussed.

During the energy tour, it was suggested to make the taps automatic in order to save water. It was also suggested that for safety reasons, lights should be installed in the school yard as it is very dark at night. At the end of the school year, the students prepared bookmarks to raise awareness and inspire the entire school community to save energy and protect the environment. In May 2022, the results of the work of the students’ energy groups were presented and a questionnaire on energy saving was distributed to parents. Finally, a technical report from the energy tour with 6th grade’s students was delivered to Lake Elementary School which included suggestions for addressing the problems recorded.