Community Energy River

CER’s Vision

CER’s vision is a fair transition to a new way of producing and consuming energy locally. It is addressed to citizens and groups of citizens (Municipality, Company, Energy Community). It designs and offers, according to special conditions and needs for you, educational participatory workshops and digital or material tools for energy saving, green energy, photovoltaic energy production and energy communities. It also offers consulting services and produces research on these issues. CER promotes citizens’ participation in the transition to a different energy model and their familiarity with new technologies and the idea of ​​local production and energy consumption.

Achieving the company’s vision will benefit the environment, by reducing emissions, but also society, by improving living standards. Daily energy costs are very high compared to people’s income. A better management and organization of everyday life with a new perspective can improve the situation initially in homes; because anyway after health, a plate of nutritious food and a warm home are basic human needs. The low standard of living, part of which is cold and damp houses, is a sad and absurd reality when technology has – for years now – reached space.

Our measurable goal is to reduce CO2 emissions. To do this, clean energy production, energy savings and investment in energy efficiency are the most sustainable ways to reduce CO2 production and consumption.

In addition, energy poverty has increased significantly in Greece. According to the EU Observatory on Energy Poverty in 2016, 29.4% of the Greek population is unable to keep their homes warm enough. Greece is the third country in the EU for this indicator after Bulgaria and Lithuania, showing mainly that homes need energy efficiency measures. To support households, the state offers subsidies for oil and electricity generated by fossil fuels. This is an ineffective solution with negative environmental effects, as households affected by energy poverty are mostly old and even with subsidies they cannot be warm enough with serious social and health consequences.

We want to inspire and strengthen a network of communication and action to save energy, energy efficiency and energy communities, to investigate scenarios for the maximum benefit of citizens in the new energy market.

We want to support your intention for a future of cleaner and cheaper energy and to help tackle energy poverty.

#Changing perspective produces energy!
#The energy in the hands of the citizens!
#Citizens are changing their perspective!

CER’s values

Participation and play are our main tools. Gaming is a basic learning tool and we are interested in using it. We have contributed to the design of a board game, Energopoly, with the aim of familiarizing players with the concept of energy communities (recommendation, investment, shares). The energy transition is quite complex and a game can greatly reduce comprehension time.

We are interested in seeing how we all learn from everyone and become wiser – and therefore more sustainable.

Principles of our team’s operation of our team are justice, transparency and the development of trust within the wider group but also between the team and the energy communities in order to offer quality services with respect for man and the environment. Our vision is a future of clean energy and energy security. We are citizens of the world and we do not want any kind of inequality or discrimination.

Communication and collaboration with other teams is extremely important for CER. The more complex an issue, such as energy, is, the more holistically it needs to be addressed in order to find viable solutions. High costs, climate change and the energy transition are increasingly occupying more and more different sectors and levels of responsibility.

CER's concerns

Energy communities. A challenge for citizens and the Future! Are they connected to energy self-sufficiency and security? How is the local community informed, decided and involved?

We are interested in sharing views on the Energy Exchange. Starting from the text below:

The Energy Exchange, based on what is expected today, will follow the German model and its role will be balancing. Since energy is not stored, its role will be to pre-sell future energy packages, which, as can be seen from the experience of other markets, will help reduce prices. But there are also concerns about what will happen when everyone wants to sell when prices are high and who will want to generate energy when prices are low. In this problem, which is already facing in Germany, our proposal is to create a Virtual Internal Stock Exchange of the Energy Communities and then their participation cumulatively in the Energy Exchange.

Share your opinion on green energy with us!