Our team

Community Energy River was founded on the initiative of trained scientists in the field of energy and economics. Two electrical engineers work with a specialist in financial and strategic planning and direct the team’s vision. The partners have additional skills and experience in project implementation. The team is led by female engineers and actively supports gender equality in technical professions. Common vision and friendships connect those who started together. Through the Community Energy River, they seek to apply the knowledge they have and inspire. Her CER’s tools are science, technology and art, aiming at a comprehensive approach to the good of energy.

Along with the core team, CER has developed a wide network of valuable partners to meet the interdisciplinary requirements of the subject and its vision for energy and technology, given the complex and changing legal and regulatory framework. They are lawyers in the field of energy and cooperative law, specialists in communication and team empowerment, and developers with experience in technologies such as blockchain and machine learning.

Our team also includes teachers, students and artists. They all deal with issues in their own space and with their own knowledge, experiences and skills.


Maya Andreou

Co-founder - CEO

Electrical engineer (NTUA) specialized in renewable energy

I am interested in promoting clean energy transition and combating energy poverty.  I work to contribute to a future with better living conditions for people (warm homes with fresh air) and a cleaner way of producing the energy needed.

I am concerned with the following: I have noticed that when I am not well I do not respect the environment and others first or even if I do, it happens after a very conscious effort. There is “something” inside me that pushes me to let the tap water run. I feel it’s a childish reaction. Why does the child react? Βecause (s)he wants to confirm that they love him/her. Then, when the child grows up, (s)he begins to love, (s)he begins to react to his/her own reaction, so that (s)he does not experience reality. What connects us to reality? Compassion. We need it to move from theory and ideas to practice. Because in theory everything is higher and clearer than it really is, while imagination can create a new – even temporary – good or bad reality. Bad reality, if I spoke poetically, I would say is a childish reaction to the dream. (S)he has a strong personality and does not discriminate. Even in the farthest palace you see people who have no home, whether you are interested or not, at some point in your life you will probably see even one such picture. I believe that every person feels something about it but life is short, it has joys but it also has sorrows. It is also rare for most of us to consider them as good or bad. What happens when a person becomes an adult? Does the reaction become more intense? And does reality then become tougher? But is what we imagine as adulthood far from reality? So don’t we have to react that much? Art with imagination creates personal expressions of reality, transports us to them and we taste them as much as we can. But it seems that reality is beyond imagination, and Art helps us overcome everything and remember that we can be mortal people – mortals are certain. How would a reality be different? I will be happy to receive answers!

Maro Baka

Co-founder - COO

Electrical engineer, PhD, (NTUA) with a specialization in energy and computer science

My scientific and research interests are Renewable Energy Sources (RES), automatic control and computing. With an holistic approach, it is possible to find ourselves in a system that will favor the growth of RES, their optimal integration into the network and the participation of all in the energy market.

In our effort to understand the world, we tend to delve into individual parts, resulting in the loss of substance and the overall idea. In a world that is constantly striving for optimization, it is easy to forget what is really worth improving and it is often more difficult to describe and reach the problem than to find a way to solve it. I believe that all problems have a solution, as long as one has the courage to take a step back and deal with them with a different perspective that may lead to other paths than originally planned.

A clean environment is a common goal that we all need to contribute to, no matter how small our influence may seem…


Periklis Thivaios

Co-founder - CFO

Chartered Financial Analyst και Financial Risk Manager (London School of Economics, IE Business School)

Entrepreneur from the age of 26. I have experience worldwide with a specialization in financial analysis, strategic planning and regulatory risk analysis.

My involvement with the financial sector has helped me understand how the gears of productivity move the planet and how decisions are made. In this numbered universe, I have felt a personal vacuum about how business is based on logic, which is often at odds with the longer-term needs of our people and our planet.

I wanted to deal with the environment in a way that adds the technocratic elements of my way of thinking to results that don’t just have a simple, economical denominator, while at the same time not ignoring it.

As member of the team, I am given the opportunity to offer economic and technical parameters in an effort with goals that are better in line with my personal sensitivities.


Fay Ioannidou

Communication Officer

Communication And Media Department – National And Kapodistian University Of Athens

I am interested in the creative promotion of all the actions and programs implemented by Community Energy River through the website, social media, brochures, communication with all interested parties …. I work for all of these!

Christina Manoli

Human Resources Manager

Primary Education Pedagogy-National and Kapodistian University of Athens&Drama School Empros

I am interested in learning and implementing educational programs as well as the company’s human resources. For the last five years I have worked for various companies in the HR & Recruitment department. I also organize the practical training section for CER students.

I work for CER’s educational programs, I get in touch with the students and my goal is to make them love Science and Energy Saving. I have experience in using theatrical play as a learning tool through educational programs.

I am a volunteer for children with congenital heart disease.

Yiannis Stergiou

Processing engineer

Computer Systems Engineer, University of West Attica

In 2016 I was selected in the postgraduate program of the Department of Informatics of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens where in addition to deepening my interests such as algorithmic logic, programming languages ​​and online applications, I was given the opportunity to expand my knowledge in areas with of interest such as data management, static program analysis and blockchain technology.