As part of the “Green Energy and Citizens: Planning, Training, Application” program, funded by the Green Fund, the Community Energy River contributed to the design and implementation of Energopoly.

The aim of the game is to acquaint the players with the new institution of Energy Communities as well as with the benefits of cooperation and cooperative thought, in improving the standard of living. The game measures both the income and expenses of the players, as well as the well-being records of themselves and the environment.

By playing, we explore our interdependence… The reason but also the question if it is more beneficial for us to work together! During the game we will often need to work together or work for the benefit of all… So should we cooperate or not? Here is the question.

It is a strategy and simulation game of participating in an Energy Community. It has no speed, but intense interaction and discussion to make decisions. In each roll the players all play together and also all together win or not! Every time we play Energopoly, the goal is to have a good and learn more, both for the energy and for each other.

CER undertook the coordination for the implementation of the board game and the implementation of parts of the game (cards and instruction booklet) as well as the tests for its good operation. Apostolos Kyritsis with the contribution of Konstantinos Kyritsis undertook the formation of the game’s basic rules for the understanding of economies of scale and participatory planning. Susami took over the graphic design! More information about the project during which the game was implemented can be found here.

Let’s play to get a taste! Contact us to express your interest here.