Green Energy and Citizens: Design, Education, Implementation

The design and implementation of “Green Energy and Citizens: Design, Education, Implementation” was a challenge and a model of cooperation between Municipalities, NGOs, citizens and city dwellers, Neighborhood Councils, scientists and researchers with each other and with the Green Fund.

The project moved on two parallel axes.

The first axis focused on the design and development of photovoltaics (as the main form of decentralized clean energy production) and the second on energy cooperatives as a necessary step towards energy democracy.

Participatory design was a key methodological tool for project’s actions with reference points:

I learn through workshops in the neighborhood and schools

o for green energy

o for Law 4513/2018 on Energy Cooperatives

I watch every day

o Monitoring  application of energy production from photovoltaics

I take part

o In the study of photovoltaic park

o In the installation of a photovoltaic park

I understand

o The design of an efficient photovoltaic park

o The positive effects of green energy

o The innovation of an Energy Cooperative

I am interested

o For the environmental upgrade of public space and the reduction of carbon emissions

o For clean energy

o For collective actions in the production and consumption of energy

o To strengthen social ties and the local economy

o To improve the urban environment and reduce energy costs for consumers

What happened during the project:

Laboratories for green energy and the creation of energy cooperatives

Small public photovoltaic park, see here

Digital application that will capture in real time the energy production from the PV park, see here

Research on Green Energy, see here and its results here

Board game, see here

Beneficial Municipalities: Municipality of Kifissia and Municipality of Pallini

The project “Green Energy and Citizens: Planning, Education, Application” was implemented in the framework of the Measure “Innovative actions with citizens” from March 2019 to December 2019 and joined the axis: “Innovative actions” of the financial program “Natural environment & Innovative Actions 2018 ”of the Green Fund. Budget: 39,200 euros. Beneficiary: Hellenic Network FRIENDS OF NATURE. Community Energy River was a key member of the project team along with the School of the Earth.

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